Ticketing – An Overview on Air Travel

Air travel is indeed the fastest way to cover long distances. In recent times it has become a lot cheaper and offers travelers a wide choice. In the airline industry there are two types of travelers: the business traveler and the leisure traveler. Business travelers are usually flexible on the price of the tickets, but not on the dates. Leisure travelers on the other hand are not flexible on the price, but are on the dates. Most airlines try to strike a balance between these two types of travelers and offer different types of schemes targeting one or the other.

Before boarding the flight

Whether you are travelling on business or for leisure, there are certain points which you need to bear in mind before travelling by air. The check-in normally opens three hours prior to the flight departure. It is recommended that you arrive two hours before the departure for domestic and three hours for international, which will allow you enough time to complete the check-in formalities. Before leaving home, check that you have all the relevant travel documents which includes tickets, photo-id proof and passport for international travel, and other relevant documentation that may be required. After you have arrived at the terminal, you can check for the flight information and the flight schedule which is displayed on the screens. Keep the ticket and passport ready when you are waiting to check-in.

The different classes in airlines

Most international flights usually offer three classes: First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. First Class is the most expensive and offers maximum comfort. Business class also has almost the same amenities, with small variations of seat dimensions, food options and personalized service. Both the classes offer lounge access, delicious meals and drinks, extra space to work. First class may have flat beds and private pods. The Economy Class offers basic facilities and often food too needs to be purchased. Some airlines also offer the Premium Economy class which is a good choice for travelers who need to work or catch up on some sleep. A premium economy seat costs more than the regular economy.


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Web Check In Facility Offered By Domestic and International Airlines

Most travelers today are aware about how to do web check in. As airlines try to automate everything and make traveling easier, web check-in is a win-win innovation which benefits everyone. With web check in you can choose seats and print boarding passes from the comfort of your home or office. Airlines can cut down on the expenses of paper and personnel. Travelers can bypass the hassles of standing in queues at check-in counters and kiosks.

Once you do a web check-in, you have the boarding pass in hand before you reach the airport. The boarding pass includes a bar code which contains your reservation. Once you reach the airport you can directly head for the security checkpoint, continue to the gate and board the flight.

Online check-in also has certain time limits that vary from airline to airline and you need to be aware of the same. Some airlines allow passengers to check in online within 12 to 24 hours prior to the departure time to as late as 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Since international travel requires travelers to arrive earlier when compared to domestic travel, the check in deadlines are early as well.

If the airline has an app it is a good idea to download the app. It will prompt you when the check in process starts. It will keep you updated about any changes or delays of your flight. You can choose to download the boarding pass in the app.

Currently, Jet Airlines and Turkish airlines are providing this service for passenger.



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